Learn new career skills or pursue new subject interests through online learning with New Zealand education providers. From beginner to expert.

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Explore the World of Online Learning with Our Range of High-Quality Courses from New Zealand!

Study With New Zealand Online makes it easy for you to deepen your knowledge and explore new subjects, no matter where you are in the world. We bring together top New Zealand higher education providers, offering a carefully curated selection of in-demand courses tailored to your unique learning needs.

Choose from a variety of courses based on your career, area of interest, course duration, or preferred provider. Whether you're interested in exploring New Zealand as a study destination or just want to learn more about available options, our website is your first step to becoming part of the international learning community.

We believe that online learning is the best way to get a taste of the exciting options available to you, before you embark on your learning journey. From sustainability to science, design to development, our courses offer you the chance to connect with a global community of learners and build lasting connections. Start your learning journey today!

Benefits of Study With New Zealand Online

Learn with like minded people

Become part of a globally connected community of online learners looking to connect with and learn from the wealth of New Zealand expertise

High impact courses

Each and every course on the platform is designed to provide highly focused learning, with the aim to build knowledge based upon key learning outcomes

Course flexibility

Time poor? Working full time? Online learning provides the ultimate flexibility to work around your career and personal commitments

Leading providers

New Zealand educators are known globally for high quality learning instruction, English language delivery and relevant practical knowledge

Expert teachers

All courses have been developed and designed by highly skilled experts and learning specialists who bring knowledge and experience to the learning process

Be part of something meaningful

Being part of a global learning community opens your eyes and mind to new cultures and customs, new concepts and new ways of thinking

Online learning at your own pace

Whether you need new knowledge for today, or you are on a lifelong journey of learning, you get to pick how and when you learn. Ultimate flexibility at your fingertips

Gain new career skills

A successful future requires new knowledge. By being part of an online learning community, you stay informed and ready for a changing world

Adult professional learners

Continuous learning is essential for adult learners in today's rapidly evolving job market. As careers develop and industries change, it's crucial to stay relevant and competitive by acquiring new skills and knowledge. Online courses help professionals adapt to changes in their work and roles, keeping them ahead of the curve. By embracing a growth mindset, learning throughout life increases earning potential, and enables you  to pursue new career opportunities as they arise

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Select the short course that you’re interested in

Most course options can be taken at any time. If you are ready to start, you can enrol and begin straight away.

Once you’re enrolled, simply create an account on our learning platform. From this platform you can track your progress, and review, read and download content

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"Online learning is the future of education because it enables anyone, anywhere to access quality education and develop new skills that can change their lives"

Dr Wiebke Finkler, filmmaker, storyteller, teacher, University of Otago


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