How to Create an Effective Online Learning Environment

Gain confidence in planning, producing, and delivering online learning content.


Key course information


Duration: 5 weeks

Weekly study: 3 hours

How to Create an Effective Online Learning Environment | Free Course | Wintec & Te Pūkenga | Study with New Zealand Online

Improve your eLearning and blended learning provision

Over recent years, learners have spent more time online as a result of the COVID pandemic and its continued impact on learning environments. On this five-week course, you’ll learn how to create engaging content for all learners, whether accessing fully online or hybrid learning.

Examine online teaching and learning theories and perspectives

On this course, you’ll be introduced to a range of principles and perspectives to inform your online learning planning and delivery. You’ll explore procedures to carry out needs assessment and context analysis in relation to online environments. This knowledge will inform your planning process and help you design a learning environment to meet the specific needs of your learners.

Learn to create an educational course with a learning management system

Learning management systems are responsible for the administration, monitoring, and delivery of educational courses. You’ll evaluate a range of educational course management platforms and examine the tools available to enhance and improve your current online delivery. With this understanding, you’ll be able to choose an appropriate learning management system for your setting and demonstrate how it could be embedded into your current processes.

Discover instructional design models for online teaching

Using pedagogical theory, you’ll be able to situate your online learning environment within your current frameworks and learning objectives. By the end of this course, you’ll have a broad understanding of eLearning environments and theories. You’ll also have experience of learning management systems and be able to demonstrate how they can improve learning outcomes when used to support your online provision.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Synthesize design principles appropriate to the planning of an online course.

  • Explore theories and perspectives of the facilitation of eLearning and the development of a community of practice in an online learning environment.

  • Evaluate the key technologies used in online learning and the impact of these technologies on learning and teaching activities.

  • Discuss and reflect on the theoretical and practical perspectives of course evaluation and student assessment.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for teachers and educators in schools who want to develop their skill in creating online learning provision.

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