academyEX is committed to creating impactful futures and on a mission to make learning relevant and accessible through courses that build relevant skills and capabilities to match the requirements of our constantly changing world.

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At academyEX, we are on a mission to make education exactly what you need for the real-world challenges you want to solve. We do it differently so you can make a sustainable, impactful change on the world. 

Founded by Frances Valintine, academyEX has three faculties - The Mind Lab, Tech Futures Lab and Earth Futures Lab - and has been delivering education programmes to educators and professionals across Aotearoa, New Zealand since 2013. academyEX is registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and is recognised as an institution delivering very high quality education with a Category 1 rating in our most recent External Evaluation and Review. 

As the only private postgraduate education organisation in New Zealand, we offer a range of courses and programmes that are focused on learning and activating knowledge in areas we believe create thriving futures: contemporary education, technology, leadership and sustainability. 

Our courses and programmes range from the Samplers and Advancers that you will find through this platform, right through to accredited micro-credentials, Postgraduate Certificates and Masters degrees. 

Our Sampler courses are punchy introductions to emerging areas of expertise. Delivered entirely online through articles, videos and case studies, you learn at your own pace. Completely free, you can start at any time and there is approximately 2-3 hours of content for you to explore per week.

Our Advancers courses take a deeper dive and perfect if you’ve got a need to know, now. You will develop knowledge and practical skills that you can use straight away and learn at your own pace through articles, videos and case studies. In these courses, there is approximately 6-8 hours of content to explore per week.

Our academyEX team are a highly diverse group of educators, subject-matter experts, technologists, data analysts, administrators, communicators and leaders who all believe that education should be relevant, accessible and impactful. We are committed to driving positive change across the higher education system and look forward to welcoming you to our learning spaces through courses here on the Study with New Zealand Online platform. 





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