Andy Cordier

Chef Andy is the Group Executive Chef and Founding Member of International Culinary Studio an Online and Blended Culinary Education Provider. He has worked as an Executive Chef for 5-star Hotel Chains, managed Corporate Catering Companies, worked as a Food Product Developer as well represented his home country for the World Chefs Culinary Olympics.

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Chef Andy studied through a traditional apprenticeship model in hotels as a Chef. Apprenticeships require you to work in industry for 3 years as a trainee on a minimum wage, being examined throughout your programme before finally being declared competent and receiving your qualification.

After Andy’s apprenticeship, he worked for several large corporate caterers and as a private chef to the Ambassador of Germany, meeting, and cooking for many influential dignitaries. Andy also spent several years in food product development for cheese and food manufacturers and latterly joined one of the largest catering operations in Cape Town, South Africa, as Executive Chef, managing over eighty food outlets and a large team of chefs. At this time Andy was the Chairperson of the South African Chefs Association in Cape Town.

Around this time, a friend convinced him to join a new catering venture and he went on to run one of the top private catering companies working from the International Cricket grounds in Cape Town, catering to top corporate companies.

Some of Andy’s career highlights include working as preliminary judge for Master Chef South Africa and catering for Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, for his 90th Birthday and at his funeral. Andy recalls with pride, at one of the catering events he hosted for Nelson "Madiba" Mandela, Madiba shook his hand and said, “You are the most important person here today!”

International Culinary Studio is positioned as a leader in the culinary education field with numerous Global Accreditations for their programmes and the graduates are increasingly sought after.

Andy, along his wife Cheryl, continue to work in the business daily, having lots of fun creating new courses, materials, and videos, managing their brilliant team and they still must master TikTok! They hope to leave a legacy of globally certified and recognised chefs who are proud of their profession.



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