Darcy Vo

Darcy is a Postgraduate Director at academyEX. She is passionate about the use of technologies to enhance learning experiences and engage learners.

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Darcy is a Postgraduate Director for the teacher-focused Postgrad Certificate in Digital & Collaborative Learning at academyEX, delivering classes and helping keep our learners on track with both the theory and practical learning we deliver. She also helps drive our Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning Micro-credential.

With over 17 years of experience in the education sector, Darcy is an expert in developing and delivering content on integrating digital technologies in teaching and learning. She has a Master in Special and Inclusive Education from The University of Manchester in UK, and is passionate about the use of technologies to enhance learning experiences and engage learners. Her research focuses on digital learning, online interaction and sentiment analysis in education, all aspects she can bring into her role at academyEX.

In her role at academyEX Darcy enjoys being around the diverse range of tech savvy and creative minds, and loves seeing teachers across Aotearoa graduate from our postgrad certificate with a new mindset. She sees each of these graduates as braver, bolder, more confident taking risks, and lifelong learners – making everything she does entirely worth it.

Darcy sees the future of education in artificial intelligence and quantum computing – imagining the powerful combination of superbrain and superspeed. She believes it will open up a whole new level of advancement in technologies, and looks forward to seeing the impact on the education industry here in Aotearoa, and all over the world.

Originally from Vietnam, Darcy describes her life as similar to the Japanese animated fantasy film ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. Life was peaceful and uneventful until her family decided to move to a different continent. This then created a load of ups and downs and crazy times, but we know we’re very grateful they decided to make the move to Aotearoa!

Although we see her knowledge, openness and optimism as superpowers in our teaching team, Darcy claims her daughter believes her superpower is managing to survive in the world with “these little hands”, which really equates to her immense resilience. Although we don’t have a lot of use for the tiny hands in our organisation, we certainly have a lot of use for Darcy’s resilience and her wide range of skills and experience.

Academic achievements:

  • Master in Special and Inclusive Education, The University of Manchester, UK


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