Wiebke Finkler

Dr Wiebke Finkler is a creative marketing researcher, filmmaker and science communicator. With a background in marine biology she researches creative campaigns for positive change and sustainability.

University of Otago left aligned

Wiebke is an experienced educator with a diverse background in both natural and social sciences, and an impressive 18 years of industry experience in filmmaking, which can be explored on her website. Her research interests lie in the power of creative communication to drive behavior change, particularly through video and community-based social marketing approaches that can be utilized for sustainable management, conservation, and social impact.

Wiebke has worked on various communication projects encompassing science, environmental, health, and cross-cultural communication. She is enthusiastic about developing visual storytelling and research as part of academic research methodologies and teaching innovation. Her research on sustainable tourism management has focused on responsible whale watching and other wildlife tourism encounters. She uses a quantitative-qualitative research approach to evaluate the role of marketing-based science communication for sustainable tourism marketing.

Apart from her research, Wiebke also conducts hands-on creative communication workshops for academics, educators, students, and non-academic audiences. She teaches pocket filmmaking, including camera techniques, video editing, social media, and storytelling.

Wiebke's areas of expertise include filmmaking and storytelling, marketing for positive change, science marketing, community-based social marketing, visual research and creative strategies, online teaching and student immersion, responsible marketing, and immersive 360 VR.



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